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Some live music down here in #BMore. Feeling good right now. #Baltimore (at Fells Point Waterfront)

#WonderWoman!!! #WarnerBros has released the first picture of #GalGadot in costume. Not bad at all. #BatmanvSuperman #DawnofJustice is coming.

#TheMiseducationofLaurynHill is one of the greatest albums ever made. From top to bottom, it as an enjoyable work of art and music. I strive to heat more good #music like this today. #LaurynHill was on top of the world when this dropped and hopefully she will be back on top once again.

I’m close. I can feel it. #Baltimore, here I come. (at Susquehanna River)

YES!!!! I can’t wait for this. It’s time to get back in the Hot Tub Time Machine.

This pisses me off so much. “Rape Culture” as it’s known as today is out of hand. I’m tired of hearing stories like this.

#WomanCrushWednesday: Sticking with #Marvel this week, my crush is the new #Thor. The Goddess of Thunder, Thor, will be taking over after the previous Thor has been deemed unworthy to wield #Mjolnir. She is an equal to Tony and Sam, and most importantly, she hasn’t been sexualized. Who is this woman? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. #wcw

#CaptainAmerica is dead! Long live Captain America. Welcome the new #SentinelofLiberty and the SECOND black Captain America, the former #Falcon, #SamWilson. #Marvel, you now have my attention. #AvengersNow